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Examples of our design and production !

Only the classics will last forever!

HaiLinITUK serves various industries in the UK: Websites design and construction, various promotional videos, job advertisements, LOGO, business cards and various event posters advertising design and production! For graphic design, see the slide above. The multimedia case is as follows:

*Design and construct websites for you efficiently. Basic static websites are generally completed within 2-3 weeks.  Previously made Websites below : 

     GB Constructions (U.K)  OICC  Nihao Mandarin Language School  SkyDragon

     Flowing Water Meditative Heart  &  FWMHeart Antique 

     UK SHANDONG Culture and Commerce Association

 *We share our ads on well-known websites:

        Youku example: 苏格兰风情(旅游) 、海邻英伦荟萃(箴言)全英华人收藏家协会秋季淘宝一日游全英华人收藏家协会贺岁宣传片(国、内外均可)

        YouTube example: 全英华人收藏家协会秋季淘宝一日游苏格兰风情(旅行) 、全英华人收藏家协会贺岁宣传片(限海外)

      Relevance Webside:新锐基创 

London West South

Email: info@hailinuk.com
Mobile: 0044(0)7557526353
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